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If you are research participant, please make a note of the unique code below together with today’s date. Please contact your local StandingTall implementation officer or study staff within 3-days with the unique code to get further instructions on how to access the StandingTall program.

Please note: The StandingTall program is still in the research trial phase and is not available to the public yet.

Your unique code is

Your local StandingTall officers:

Neuroscience Research Australia (NSW)   02 9399 1083

Dr Ashley Gluchowski

Dr Helen Hawley-Hague

StandingTall-Plus Trial (Sydney, NSW)


02 9399 1139

You may now download the app, please visit How to Get Started

Please visit our Resources page where you can download the StandingTall program manual

Unfortunately, you have not passed the quiz. An 80% pass mark is needed, this is because using StandingTall appropriately and safely is important.

Please consider redoing the training and try the quiz again. You can attempt the quiz as many times as you need.

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